In Memoriam

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Deborah Adams  
Paul Addy  
Edmund T. Ahee Mar 2005
Elizabeth (Beth) Ankney Jan 1998
Michael Atkinson May 2016
Michael Bauer Mar 1989
David Beard Apr 2023
Kristin Beck (Pogue) Apr 2019
Renee Bedard  
Larry Bryk Sep 2014
Laura Campbell Nov 2007
Karen Chupa Feb 2022
Geraldine Ciaramitaro Apr 2008
Amy Clark (Carels) Sep 2018
Daniel Clem 1971
Thomas Conley Nov 2012
Lisa Curl (Waugaman) Jan 2007
Drexel (Bud) Dawson Mar 2018
Robert (Gig) DeBacker Mar 2020
Alton (Chip) DeClaire Feb 1991
Janice Dooley (Johnstone)  
Sandra DiMaso Jul 2022
Donald DeCoopman Oct 1974
Dennis Dyl Feb 2022
Daniel Fleming Jun 1996
Mary Fogt (Huhn) Jul 1989
Karl Fulmer Feb 1972
Geri Gaboriault (Malfroid) Apr 2007
Christopher Galante Aug 2021
Thomas Gates  
Michael Giblin ~1973
Kathleen Goodner (Baldwin) Jul 2002
David Griffin  


Marvin (Marty) Gross  Apr 2023
Kenneth Groesbeck Jun 2016
Barbara Hammer (Dierickx) Jan 2019
Cornelius (Neal) Hampton Jan 2023
Timothy Hartner Jan 1998
David Henderson  
Mimi Hubert Jul 2016
Jennifer Huff Jul 2017
William Jantz 2003
Timothy Jensen  Dec 2010
Jon Jernegan ~2007
Georgina Joy Dec 2023
Nadine Kaplita (Bailey) Jun 2019
Scott Kavaya Aug 2021
Donald Keller Nov 2001
Amy Kelly (Gifford) Oct 2007
Joseph Kerr  
Ellen Kitzul (Greendale) Oct 2018
Gary Klann Nov 2015
Deborah Knight (Brown) Nov 2006
Joann Knippenberg (Rosencrants) Jul 2019
David Krebs Nov 2020
Drew Lachiusa Dec 1968
Candy Lakin Aug 2011
James Lemich Feb 2011
Lawrence Lumetta Nov 2016
Laura Lutfy (Puzzioli) Jan 2022
Gwynne MacPherson Mar 2011
John Mahoney Jul 1996
Michael Maple Feb 1981
Gretchen Maricak Feb 2018
Kenneth Masson Feb 2022
Robert Montmorency  
Michael Murray Oct 2017
Catherine Noormann (Freye) May 1981
John Otto May 1995


Susan Pattyn (Douglas) Jun 2015
Don Pillen Mar 2019
Lee Rabenburg May 2015
Robert Reaser Aug 2021
Kenneth Reid Dec 2015
Mark Reppenhagen May 2008
Michael Rinke Jan 1988
Daniel Roberts Sept 2001
Bruce Robertson Apr 2011
Edward Ryzarczyk Dec 2015
Stephen Schleicher Oct 2019
John Schmidt Jan 2009
William Schueler Jul 2023
Bill Sehoyan May 2011
Dan Sellers Sep 2015
Douglas Selden Aug 2006
Douglas Shepard Jan 2022
John Simpson Nov 2005
Michael Simpson Jan 1989
Joe Sproder Nov 2016
Scott Stein Feb 2013
Roy Van Assche Feb 2003
Kenneth Van Hese Mar 2021
Susan VanBever (Champion) Apr 1990
Judy Waldeck (Gebauer) Dec 2018
Christine Warnez Sep 2008
Jane Watko Apr 2012
Peter Watson Dec 2015
Wayne Winkler Aug 2009
Steven Wollenzin Jul 2006
Gretchen Zeunen Sep 1972


Click here to see a video memorializing all our fellow classmates who have passed on.  (Courtesy of Jeff Rinke, administrator of the Facebook Page Grosse Pointe North Gone But Not Forgotten.)


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Deborah Adams

There are currently no tributes.

Paul Addy

daniel holmes - September 28th, 2011
Rest in peace my friend

Edmund Ahee

daniel holmes - September 28th, 2011
rest in peace my friend

Elizabeth (Beth) Ankney

George Boomer - August 5th, 2021
Such an early age. I will always remember you as the one who passsed notes between myself and your friend for whom we had a mutual crush at Brownelle Jr. High School.

Michael Atkinson

There are currently no tributes.

Michael Bauer

Debbie Naz - August 29th, 2016
There are many good memories of Mike because he lived two houses away from mine.

His life was way too short. 
Gordon Johnson - March 21st, 2012
A nice guy who went to Mason Elementary, Parcells, and GPN. Mike was a very good athlete and always one of the first  chosen for playground or gym class teams. A very soft spoken and quiet person, his life ended much too soon. 

Rest in peace, Mike. 

Doug Perry - December 7th, 2011
Played baseball with Mike way back in little league. Big tall lefty. Those were great times.
daniel holmes - September 28th, 2011
rest in peace my friend

David Beard

There are currently no tributes.

Kristin Beck Pogue

There are currently no tributes.

Renee Bedard

Keith Anderson - April 8th, 2011

Renee was my first real girlfriend as short as it was. She has always had a special place in my heart. How young and naive we all were. My folks live just down the block from the Bedards' and I have on occation spoken to Renees' Mother and just this last summer to her sister Francine. I remember Renee as an exciting, inspiring, and warm person and I can still remember making her laugh. What a wonderful but brief moment that was.

Larry Bryk

Gordon Johnson - May 22nd, 2015
We had grown apart by the time we were seniors but I always considered you as a good are not forgotten, Larry....Rest in peace
Gordon Johnson - April 1st, 2015
Rest in peace, my friend. You are not forgotten.