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Pre-50th-Reunion school tour, football game and gathering at WaterMark Grille -- Friday, Sept. 17, 2021
1971 football team members honored by current GPN football team: Bob Friedhoff, Bob Reynolds, Doug DAgostino, Clay James, Roger Ulmer
GPN High School Welcome
Carol Appleton Holloway, Nancy LeRoy Burk, Pam Killebrew Alessandro, Victor & Barb Johnson, Kate Murray (current principal)
Article in Grosse Pointe Magazine Sept/Oct 2021 issue
Barb & Vic Johnson, Nancy LeRoy (Burk), BIG BOY, Pam Killebrew (Alessandro), Carol Appleton (Holloway)
Carol Appleton (Holloway), Nancy LeRoy (Burk), Pam Killebrew (Alessandro), Principal Kate Murray, Barb & Vic Johnson
GPN Band Practice during tour
GPN Rain Garden
GPN Rain Garden
GPN Pool
50th Reunion Evening at GP Yacht Club -- Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021
Post-50th-reunion afternoon picnic -- Sunday, Sept 19, 2021
Newly submitted (Feb, 2020) senior year shots
Summer 1972 view from Jack Barbiers house
Preparing to put the Big Boy in place -- Senior prank night
Don Steepe, Tom Peek protect the Big Boy
The Whale -- Senior float, Homecoming Oct 1970
Jeff Paige, Clay James, Don Pillen, Mike Ignasiak, Bob Reaser in Delray Beach, Easter 1971 The Houseboat
Sue Gallego, Chip DeClaire, Candy Lakin, Sandy DiMaso, Mary Vitale  May 1971
Deb Fleming, Craig Henderson, Kris Halle ---- Detroit Zoo Senior Skip Day May 1971
Roger Ulmer, Jan Mayer, Chris Boruta, Chip DeClaire, Debbie Arnold --- Detroit Zoo Senior Skip Day May 1971
Laurie Russell, Deb Wegner --- Detroit Zoo Senior Skip Day May 1971
Bill Crawford, Sandy DiMaso, Curt Brown, Doug DAgostino, Debbie Wegner, Craig Henderson, Roger Ulmer, Sue Gallego --- Detroit Zoo Senior Skip Day May 1971
Bob Reaser, Mary Mashour, Ed Chase -- at Mike Days cottage the day after Senior Prom June 17, 1971
Debi Arnold, Jack Barbier, Easter 1970
45th Reunion Evening Party -- September 22, 2016
Behind the Scenes of the 40th Reunion Weekend
40th Reunion Evening Party -- May 28, 2011
Picnic -- day after 40th reunion
Planning Committee for 40th Reunion
Grosse Pointe North Class of 1971 Reunion Committee at Work March 2011 meeting:
Jack Barbier(not present)--Vice President, Bob Reaser--Treasurer,
Gary & Dawn (Danielson) Hill, N
Carol (Appleton) Holloway & Roger Ulmer go over party details
Dawn (Danielson) Hill & Gary Hill have been scanning old yearbook photos for our event
Roger Ulmer calling classmates to remind them of the reunion
Pam (Killebrew)Alessandro & Judy Barton MacGuidwin talking about the website with webmaster, Nancy (LeRoy) Burk
Carol (Appleton)Holloway, Roger Ulmer, Bob Reaser, and Dawn (Danielson) Hill.  Not present are Don DeLaura and Jack Barbier who are also committee members.
Shutterbooth Pictures Taken At 40th Reunion

This is the link to the site showing all pictures taken inside the Shutterbooth on the night of the reunion.  You will be taken to their site and asked to create a login and password. 

40th Reunion Planning Committee -- L to R, back to front: Don DeLaura, Roger Ulmer, Dawn Danielson Hill, Nancy LeRoy Burk, Bob Reaser, Jack Barbier, Gary Hill, Carol Appleton Holloway, Pam Killebrew Alessandro, Judy Barton MacGuidwin
20th Reunion -- 1991
10th Reunion -- 1981
Karen Gooch Roberts & Mariann Russell at our 10 year reunion
Mary Fogt & hubby at our 10 year Reunion.
From the Class of 71 Time Cap
   Mock Election
High school shots
Senior Canoe Trip May 29-31, 1971
L to R:  Joanne Knippenbur​g, unknown, Sue Moesta, Jill Shoaps, Nancy Nixon, Kitty Markey (back), Bob Reaser, John Allen
First night in camp
Some of these people are:  Doug DAgostino​, Bill Crawford, Rick Prietz, John Gilbert, Clay James, Pam Killebrew, Mike Ignasiak, Nancy Resowski
Some in this picture are Nancy Masserang, Laurie Russell, Ken Godin & Chuck McNair
Some of the people in this picture are Ann DiLoreto, Pam Killebrew, Sherrie Neef, Gary Hill, Nancy Policki, Janet Asmus, Matt Ortisi & Nancy Grose
Elementary school days
Ferry School - 60/61
2nd Grade
Mrs. Culver/Gahagan

Row 1: Phil Bertelsen, Cheryl Pieschke, Tim Atkinson, (need name)--
Row 2: Bill Scheuler, Alan Meyers, (need name), (need name), Mr. Wendt, Rick Marr, John Shook, Debbie Ruppe --
Row 3: Ellen Kitzu
Monteith Elementary - 5th Grade
John R. Barnes Elementary School
Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan
Grade 1 1959-1960
Miscellaneous "recent" photos
Mariann Russell Looney with her 3 grandsons. Taken Mothers Day 2011
Richard Renas: Myself, wife, son and daughter in back row with in-laws in Thailand March 2011
The entire Viviani clan on a trip to Italy in 2005.
Bob Woolley -- At Monroe Lake with friends for the weekend last summer.
Mariann Russell Looney & Debbie Fleming Knopf 2010
John Nelson
Class of 1971 Graduation Program
Graduation ticket
GPNHS School Song-written by fellow 71 Grad David Gregory
Class of 71 Concert Choir Awards
Class of 71 Prom Invitation
  Weve only just begun