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1971 football team members honored by current GPN football team: Bob Friedhoff, Bob Reynolds, Doug D'Agostino, Clay

Pre-50th-Reunion school tour, football game and gathering at WaterMark Grille -- Friday, Sept. 17, 2021

Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Patio

50th Reunion Evening at GP Yacht Club -- Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021


Post-50th-reunion afternoon picnic -- Sunday, Sept 19, 2021

Summer 1972 view from Jack Barbier's house

Newly submitted (Feb, 2020) senior year shots

Front: Carol Appleton Holloway, Sue Moesta Letson, Sue Gallego Villegas, Eva Bergstrand Sundevall, Dawn Danielson Hill.

45th Reunion Evening Party -- September 22, 2016

Setting up earlier in the day -- Dawn Danielson Hill, Carol Appleton Holloway, Gary Hill, Bob Reaser, Jack Barbier (phot

Behind the Scenes of the 40th Reunion Weekend

Nancy Abeli D'Amore-Chase, John Nelson, Scott Beaver (photo courtesy of Nancy Abeli D'Amore-Chase)

40th Reunion Evening Party -- May 28, 2011

40th Reunion Planning Committee -- L to R, back to front: Don DeLaura, Roger Ulmer, Dawn Danielson Hill, Nancy LeRoy Bur

Shutterbooth Pictures Taken At 40th Reunion

This is the link to the site showing all pictures taken inside the Shutterbooth on the night of the reunion.  You will be taken to their site and asked to create a login and password.